The Munster Men

Energetic live acoustic folk band based in Münster, Germany. Songs and tunes inspired by the folk music of Ireland, Scotland and England, performed with a passion and energy that you'll never forget. Traditional folk instruments paired with rich vocals and both original and traditional songs and tunes have given many audiences aound North Rhine-Westphalia an unforgetttable evening.

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A tight group of musicians from in and around Münster, Germany, we play traditional Irish, Scottish, English and American folk songs and tunes as well as many of our own originals in pubs and bars, and at private parties, weddings and town festivals. Coming from Werne, Selm and of course Münster, and with one Englishman too we have years of experience playing to all kinds of audiences.

We build our exciting sound with traditional instruments including concertina, wooden flutes and whistles, guitar and bodhran as well as the amazing sound of the not-yet-traditional "Geyerleier" (look it up!) all topped with great singing and harmonies.


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    Piano Bar, Munster

    We don't have a piano in the band but the band is often in the Piano

    23 Nov 2021
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    Burg Altena

    Wonderful winter evening of entertainment at this great castle in the Sauerland. Details here

    26 Nov 2021
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    Piano Bar, Munster

    Back again at our favourite little Irish bar in Munster

    21 Dec 2021
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    Live Streaming Gig

    The whole band streaming live for you on YouTube - listen, chat with us and send your requests!

    Coming Soon!


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    Playing live again!
    Posted on: Aug 20, 2021

    We're very happy to have begun playing live gigs again after so long! Check the event listing to see when and where you can see and hear us - real live music - there's nothing like it :)

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